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Below are the 16 most recent journal entries recorded in toxic_gemini's LiveJournal:

Friday, January 7th, 2005
8:17 pm
It's been a long, long time....
WOW! It feels so odd to be on live journal again. I have been so bad. I haven't done it in months. Too preoccupied with other things in life. But, it's nice too be back! Love the pics Mocki posted. Whoever took those is brilliant! Not much going on this second. My Aunt Marj was up here recently. It's nice to see her. She's a cool lady. Right now Felicia and I are whatching 'Troy'. It seems like a good film thus far, plus, Orlando Bloom, Brad Pitt and Eric Banna are freakin' FINE in this movie! Gotta go, I must enjoy the beauty!

Current Mood: flirty
Saturday, August 21st, 2004
8:54 pm
WOW! I have not updated in quite sometime. Well......where ever to begin... OK. About a week ago, a very cute 28 year old man slipped me his e-mail adress. *gleefull smile* I like 'em older! HA! Then, Felicia and I worked at my mothers hotel cleaning rooms and checking people in and out. Oh, such fun! *sarcasim, obivously* Then, I baby sat for my cousin Nikki's daughter, Ranger. She is the sweetest little girl! And the day after that, Mom, Aunt Bonnie and I went to the Seattle Gift Show. We were looking for things to sell in the upstairs of the resturant, which is already almost finished! Yay! I found out that my love (Mr. Blindfold) will be doing a verry cool concert on the great wall of China, along a bunch of other cool artists. (P.S. I love him more than ever for undisclosed reasons unrelated to the previous comment)We had some neat family members come visit a few days ago. Then I got to talk on the phone to my dearest Andrea!!!!! We have kept in close contact via e-mail, snail-mail and IM, but we hadnt spoken on the phone for a wile. IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Today i had to get up at 7am to drop my grandmother off at the ferry (fantastic fun *obvious sarcasim, again*)and then, we went to a funeral for a woman i didn't know, and I ran into a rather dreded person who will remain nameless. And, I belive that tomorrow we are off to the second leg of the Seattle Gift Show. Well, mabey we will go to the mall afterward again like we did last time. i hope so! I got some cool stuff! And Felicia is comming over on Monday. Well, I gotta go to bed! I have to get up at 6am! UGH!!!! Well, I shall return!......Eventually.

Current Mood: chipper
Thursday, July 29th, 2004
1:56 am
im bored. its late and im bored. im gonna be bored for a while too. Whitney will be going back to richland soon, and felicia is going on a trip startins saturday and wont be back untill the 20th of august. but, yesterday my mom bought $400 worth of makeup on line and only had to pay $200. it was cool! i'll get it on the 6th. and a bit after the 7th i'll get my JC Single. i know ! im excited. hey, i know you guys proboly dont know or like his music, but this particular sight is not, or will not be all about jc only. the sight is www.musicfreedom.com ist really cool! you all shou7ld check it out. it is my duty as a fan to spread the word. yes, yes. oh, and little red monster. the little red monsters are coming! you have now officialy been warned! www.littleredmonsters.com indeed. i need to get some new kids on the block for felicia. she has yet to experiance. well, i best be off. until......... ~*toxic_gemini*~

Current Mood: excited
Wednesday, July 21st, 2004
2:34 am
im so tired. but, i have not updated in qiute some time, so, ifeel that i should. iam sad that mockilock is gone. but, when she returns we must hang out. indeed. we must have a sllepover and whatch monty python. iv never seen it, but it sounds funny, so why not?! felicia is here. she brought over stersky and hutckh, on dvd. she rented it. it was pretty funny. ben stiller is frikin awesome! she is asleep on the couch now. she was just talking in her sleep. hillarious!!!!!!! yes...tomorrow, we need to get up to got take pictures of taky houses and what have you. to us, that is entertainment. and we might go up to oak harbour after that, too. today, i went to look at prpoerty with my mom and aunt bonnie. it was cool. we found a gorgeous pice of waterfont land. aunt bonnie is almost certain ahe is gonna buy it. its great. oh, and im terribly excited!! i bought a cd single off ebay yesterday. it JC Chasez, 'All day long'. its so cool!!! i have his ful length cd, but this has 3 remixes and the video!!! it awesome! i love ebay!!!!!!! well, thats about it for this enstallment!!! bye,bye,bye!!!!! ~*toxic_gemini*~

Current Mood: excited
Sunday, July 11th, 2004
10:10 pm
today was fun. i just got in. whitney and i huing out again. we went to k-mart then to a movie. this time we went to see spiderman 2. i'd already seen it, but she had not. and, this time i could better appreciate the small things that are oddly funny. indeed. then we went to wal-mart. she bought material to sew me a purse. i know, she loves me!!! sweet, huh? then we went to 'taco hell' as she calls it and got some food. then i took her home. mom wanted me home earlier tonight. i dont have a curfue, and will not, but still.... well, it was fu. indeed. now, i gots ta eat! thats it for this enstallment. leter, ~*toxic_gemini*~

Current Mood: apathetic
Saturday, July 10th, 2004
11:50 pm
fun and fancy free
well, i'm finally home. whitney and i had so much fun! we went and saw anchorman, it was funny, not as good as Dodgeball, but still good. and then we drove around listening to the radio, and finally arrived back at her house where we listend to one of her cd's and talked and she showed me the cool dress she bought. i like her room. its really different from the last time i was there. its cool. we had fun. and i got back late. we might hang out again tomorrow. she left her wallet in my car, so, i need to get it back to her. oh my god! after i left her place, i stopped by Starbucks to go to the bathroom and get a late night latte. indeed. well, this is gonna sound so horrible but, there was this really big black guy,i mean, he made me feel like a tiny little girl, and he was looking at me funny, and then he walked by me and looked at me weird and was like "how u doin'?". he was kind of creepy. so, i said "i'm fine, thanks", and smiled. well he walked over to the other side of the coffee shop and kept staring at me weird, so i hurried up and got my latte and walked out, casually. well, as soon as i was out of sight distance, i ran to my car, un locked it, got in, re-locked it and drove off. i know. it sound awfull, but he gave me bad vibes. well, i get vibes from people and their right like 99.5% of the time, so i followed my instincts. i know, but, i did what i felt i needed to do to protect my self. yes, well, that was pretty much my day after what i already wrote earlier today. oh, and i got a letter from andrea today, so it was nice. yes, i was happy to hear from her. i love her too! yeah, now i'm in my pajamas and i'm gonna take off my make up and get into bed, read a magazine and watch tv and go to sleep. hope whitney and i get together tomorrow and have fun again! goodnight! ~*toxic_gemini*~

Current Mood: thirsty
5:21 pm
yay!! i finally got ahold of whitney, and were going to go see anchorman tonight!! oh, the fun and laughter! im happy. indeed. but, i think i need to eat a bit first. im slightly hungry. but, im excited to go see the movie and to go see it with whitney! glad i got dressed and put makeup on afterall! no i can go out in public. let the fun insue!

Current Mood: hungry
3:40 pm
nothing to do! im so board!!!! i feel like crap and im board out of my fucking head!! its ridiculous. i wish i could get intouch with whitney, so we can hang out or whatever. well, i know its like 4pm but i just woke up like 2 hrs ago, so i gotta take a shower and get dressed.

Current Mood: bored
Friday, July 9th, 2004
6:52 pm
ugh!! i hate photshoots! im the most un photogenic person ever. but, y'all's pictures turned out ok. so, your lucky! oh, i have to pick up the pics of me and felicia on tuesday. i know. dred!!! well, we went to the mall today. i got some really cool earrings and a hot sticker of kurt cobain for my car. i know! me and felicia had fun. she got a shirt with jhonny deep on it in his piarets of the carribean garb and it says 'captain jack sparrow' under the pic. and a really cute bag that says 'Mrs. Timberlake on it' its great. she loves justin, so, its all good. were both happy. well, thats it for this enstallment. im out. ~*toxic_gemini*~

Current Mood: pleased
1:05 am
dont worry kyle. whitney still loves you! she was just telling me the other day how much she misses you, and that she really wants to talk to you. so, take some solace in that. i hope you hear from her. i would like to get togeather again with her. indeed. but, right now, felicia and i are having fun, so, its cool. going to the mall tomorrow!!! im excited. but, i gotta go to bed, or i wont be able to get up early tomorrow morning. i just had to do some rechearch. that why i got back on. i know...its dumb. me and felicia were whatching tv and saw this gut and i knew who he was and felica did too, but we couldnt figure out what rap group he was from, so i got on google and found out. haha! i was right, flava flav is from public enemy. sorry, i just felt like y'all neede to know that. haha! like you care. but, whatever. well, time to go lalo. (that means dream land in farci') nighty-night! ~*toxic_gemini*~

Current Mood: sleepy
Thursday, July 8th, 2004
11:34 pm
was that directed at me, enigmamind? well? huh?! whatever. enigmamind hates me!!!! *sobs uncontrollably* well, mocki should get back to me. and i need to get jordans e-mail adress so i can yell at him for fucking a cd up. whatever. well, felicia and i gotta jet. later, ~*toxic_gemini*~

Current Mood: tired
6:34 pm
im sorry mocki! well, felicia is here, and tomorrow we are going to mount vernon, but we are going early in the day. we are also gonna check and see if anchor main is comming to the theater. if it is, mabey the 3 of us can meet up and see it. id love to see you again. i just got your message you left on my cell. so, i hope you get this or mabey i'll call you. mabey we can meet up. possibly. i dont know. if not, we can always go see it just us 2. whatever, we'll figure it out. its all good in the hood!!! by the way, felicia is now on live journal. her screen name is dirrtyprincess. indeed. well, i hope to hear from mocki. today has been pretty boaring. but, we went to mcdonalds to get dinner, and this girl who hates me was working the drive thru. the weird thing was, she was actually nice to me! i know! it was so hella weird! i was in shcok. but, whatever. and the weirdest part was that she didnt seem like she was faking it. strange. well, i best gat back to hanging with felicia. im neglecting my hosting dutys. try to write again soon. bye,bye,bye! ~*toxic_gemini*~

Current Mood: full
Wednesday, July 7th, 2004
11:04 pm
oh yes, thats right kids, i have done it. only my 3rd day as a live journal member, and already i have recruted another live journal member. her name is dirrtyprincess. yes, and she is very cool. in fact, she is ghetto fabulous. hells yes! she enjoys speaking her own brand of white girl ghetto ebonics, and making a people to kill list. she is one part of soon to be super conterversial white female rap duo, 'Wond Bread", and has helped write such classic tracks as 'who got crabs', 'you mama', and 'here comes miss man'. look out for the album 'crab infestation', we dont know when its comming out. and, yes, fellas, shes single. well, i gotta get off the net for a sec, but i should be back. check out dirrtyprincess. she be coo! bye,bye,bye! ~*toxic_gemini*~

Current Mood: accomplished
8:28 pm
well, i found out that one of my best and my oldest friend (in the sence that she has been my friend for over 8 years) is probobly comming out to visit me next summer!! YAY! Joy! Exihillariation!!! her name is Andrea and she is one of the sweetest people in the world. she lives in Ottertail Minnesota, but used to live here, where i do, in Locationundisclosed, Washington. indded. but, her daddy is in the navy so she moved. wel, i'll be ver excited to sse her. and when she comes, Andrea will have to meet my other best friends Felicia and Whitney. yeah, it will be great! im happy! and hopefull! im also excited because my fave shows are on tonight, the simple life 2, newlyweds, south park, ashlee, and reno 911! hells yeah! i know, i know, im dumb. yet still, entertained. well, thats about all for this installment. later, ~*toxic_gemini*~

Current Mood: hopeful
3:16 pm
lazy days
well, today has been pretty boaring thus far. not much to do in a town like this one. but,(CONSUME!) im going to make terriaki chicken and beef with stickey rice and broccoli stir fry tonight for dinner. i love to cook so that should be fun. and hopefully it will taste good too. indeed. mabey felicia can come over again soon. we need to hang out. and (CONFORM!) whitney too. whitney needs to come over again too. and mockilock needs to teach me how to put my little kitty emotocons at the end of theese. so all y'all can know how i feel. yeah, like you care. but its (OBEY!) all good. i was pleasantly suprised to see that enigmamind has added me to his friends list. i thought that was sweet. and i added him to mine as well. well, not much else to say really.....board!!!!!!! but, whatever. try to write again soon. bye,bye,bye!!!! ~*toxic_gemini*~

Current Mood: blah
12:08 am
today was fun. my friend whitney had stayed the night, so we had had fun the night before as well. we stayed up late watching dvd's and eating junk food. oh, and singing me up to live journal. it was fun. then we slept late and went to eat at my mama's restaurant. and we went to oak harbor. yes, we tooled around causing mischief! no, we just had fun. we got lattes and bought some music and music paraphernalia. indeed. then i took her home. *sob-sob* now i'm all alone!!! no, i kid. but, i cant wait to hang with her again. it shall be fun. oh, and she goofed and left her tail here. so, we'll have to hang out again. HA HA HA!!!!! my plan is working!!! no, but it will be fun. oh, and if your reading whitney, i'm sorry about general. later daze...... ~*toxic_gemini*~ i'm feeling....tired and content

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